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Making money through HDPornStreams.com

HDPornStreams offers you the chance to earn money by submitting videos to our Database.


- Working internet connection

- Openload.co Account (Create here for free)

- Account at HDPornStreams.com (Signup)


How will I get paid?

You will get paid by the view. This payment will be made to your from Openload.co. (Check Openload Affiliate for more details)


Step 1:

Go to Openload.co and sign in. Then upload files to the Openload account chose either remote upload (from file server) or for uploading from your computer chose multi upload.

(as we can see the options are available to all users. Limits for remote upload are 100 files if you are new user.)

Step 2:

 After uploading the files go to the File Manager (see image; right above the red rectangle). Scroll down and you will see a list of links.



Copy a link (of one of your videos and head over to the HDPornStreams site and login.

After login you will see an option on the top right of the site. (Suggest Video)

Then enter the copied URL into the Video URL field. As shown below:


After entering the Openload URL it will be validated. Wait a little while, as the data is loaded of the video.

Then enter the other video details as follows:


IMPORTANT: Thumbnail URL Field is optional as long as you set the Openload Splash to 1. You can do this under Conversion Settings (see image 1) - > Thunmnails (right side of the page) -> 1 instead of 4x4. Otherwise your submission will be rejected.